Medical Companies in San Diego
Medical Companies in San Diego

Durable Medical Equipment

Better World Resources Equipment is a Biodegradable Plastics Manufacturing Company with locations in Los Angeles, Houston whose products are designed with both the patient and caregiver in mind. When it’s time to order, count on our distribution experts to deliver what you need, when you need it. We give you essential tools to do more of what matters most: take care of patients.


KN95 - All 3 Classes (Civilian, Hospital FFP2, Medical FFP3)
Folded FFP2 & FFP3
3Ply Type II & Type IIR Hospital Grade
3Ply Hospital Grade
3Ply Civilian Grade

Medical Equipment

Anesthesia Masks

Rubber or silicone masks covering mouth and nose are essential, used to deliver O2, N2O-O2 and is expected to be worn before, during and after anesthetic procedures hence we assure our clients that our masks are reliable, dependable and consistently made of the highest quality.

Smart Compression

An environmentally friendly device that educates both patient and caregiver about the risk of Venous thromboembolism (VTE). Its primary function is circulating more blood to help prevent stasis and trace compliance with Patient Sensing technology.

Infection Control

Better World Resources LLC provides numerous Infection control products from anesthesia masks to sterilization tools and wraps to ensure patient and caregiver protection. Administering care using best practices reduce the likelihood of an infection outbreak or limit the spread of existing infections in a healthcare setting. A careful assessment or overview is conducted outlining what leads to an outbreak, ways to prevent such outbreaks and specific detailed recommendations based on the healthcare setting.

Laboratory Products

A wide variety of hospital laboratory, physician office space, critical products are manufactured and procured at Better World Resources LLC to furnish healthcare industries with lifesaving equipment, expertise and solutions to help caregivers deliver a higher quality of healthcare to the benefit of patients and society. We have expertise in servicing the equipment’s that we sell at cost effective prices as well as thousands of manufacturers and suppliers who consistently provide quality goods and services on demand.

Patient Care

Better World Resources LLC prides itself in ensuring the preservation of patients physical and mental well-being through the provision of sophisticated medical products and services of the highest quality. Consumers of health care services (patients) benefits tremendously from our products and service offerings in preventing, treating, and managing illnesses.

Patient Monitoring

We recommend and assist clients in acquiring sophisticated products that are tailored to meet patient monitoring needs in order to track a patients progress in recovery or reaction to treatment administered etc.

Biodegradable Plastics Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles, Houston


Gloves are the first layer of protection for both caregivers and patients in any care setting as it helps to protect the hands that heal. Better World Resources LLC caters to a variety of needs with an extensive product offering ranging from surgical nitrile, latex, nitrile/vinyl and vinyl gloves. We ensure that all our products are done to professional standards keeping quality, best practices, and reliability into every glove, so that they remain compatible for every procedure. Our durable surgical and cleaning glove products are the preferred choice for use in industry leading care facilities across the world.
We are highly competent and focused on achieving the best results by continually managing existing challenges pertaining to product conversions with instructional sessions, health and safety at work. Our manufacturing and distribution partners provide on-site support and tools throughout the entire process along with on demand information to assist with optimization, effective and efficient use of resources during any procedure.

Biodegradable Plastics Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles, Houston


Better World Resources LLC’s Nitrile brand of gloves are stronger, higher-quality gloves best suited for surgical procedures. It provides the greatest protection for medical professionals against contracting infections and the patient from having an open wound infected. We have been serving the medical industry since 2007 and has amassed a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supplying surgical nitrile gloves as demanded across various care facilities. Our continuous improvement efforts afford us the ability enhances our selection of surgical glove to provide better protection and optimal performance.
Our nitrile gloves provide a nice alternative for people with latex allergies and are tested and proven to be three times more resistant to punctures or damage given the use of nitrile butadiene rubber.

Biodegradable Plastics Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles, Houston


Better World Resources LLC places great emphasis in offering high-quality vinyl gloves that are clinically proven to be effective, deliver strength, provide comfort and minimise concerns of allergic reactions. Our Vinyl gloves are durable, affordable, synthetic and non-biodegradable making these high-quality gloves desirable for a variety of procedures.
Despite the task for which the gloves are needed Better World Resources will educate you on the best options given the variety and volume of gloves manufactured, procured, distributed through our supply chain annually.

Biodegradable Plastics Manufacturing Companies in Los Angeles, Houston


Better World Resources LLC Latex glove collection is a multi-purpose product designed with the flexibility that gives the consumer enormous comfort, tactility and a great deal of dexterity. Our Latex gloves are seamless for use in the medical, automotive and food service industries. Our Latex brand of gloves are specifically designed and tested in the fields to meet the varying consumer demands for use in controlled environments, laboratories, automotive firms, food service management and other professional service facilities.