Owner & CEO

Sarah P. Antonella is one of the most gifted writers and authors in the business environment. She is also the millennial CEO of a global agency, bestselling author, and business strategist. She has established her position in the business landscape with her integrity and unparalleled work ethic anchored on positivity, a high-energy personality, and business savvy. She is a self-taught and mentored business prodigy who draws her inspiration from her desire to be a better person every day.

Sarah is the owner of Better World Resources has done business with some of the largest organizations and corporations in the world. Her business currently supplies masks and other essentials to Walmart and is working on gloves for Dollar Tree stores. Sarah takes pride in her journey from being a young girl dreaming of a better life to owning a business empire. She also shares an extensive career as a competitive ice figure skater and team coach, where she spent 16 years of her life.